about pmh partners


pmh partners is an influencer marketing consulting practice, focused on creating authentic and effective experiences and events for its clients and their brand. Every project is highly considered, bringing together a well-curated audience and strategy to ensure the messaging and storytelling are conveyed organically and with integrity.

With over a decade of influencer engagement expertise in all major US markets, pmh partners has the unparalleled ability to consult on projects and brand activations of all types and throughout various cities, including Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco (Silicon Valley), Aspen, Dallas and Miami. Helmed by marketing and communications expert Patrick M. Herning, pmh partners delivers an experience, which intimately touches the influencer, leaving them with a clear impression of the brand’s message and accomplishing the intended reach. 


about patrick herning

Strategy consultant and founder of pmh partners, Patrick M. Herning takes a truly modern and thoughtful approach to brand marketing and influencer engagement. From a robust, multi-level project to an intimate activation, Patrick immerses himself in a brand, becoming an organic extension of each client and their internal team. 

His impressive background spans from business development during the initial tech boom of Silicon Valley to fashion, lifestyle and philanthropic clients, projects and major marketing initiatives throughout the country. 

From 1996 to 2006, Patrick was one of the first 50 employees at Cybersource in Silicon Valley responsible for business development for their partner channels. After the company he helped build and grow IPO’d, he held two other business development positions at leading technology companies in Silicon Valley, ultimately culminating in VeriSign’s acquisition to PayPal. From there he relocated to Los Angeles where he formed Fathom Event Strategy, a marketing and communications agency. 

After building a successful boutique brand, global communications agency HL Group acquired Fathom. Now, after heading up business development efforts on the West Coast at HL Group for over 5 years, Patrick is combining his vast experience, talent for business development and extensive client and influencer relationships to form pmh partners.

In his influencer marketing and engagement practice, Patrick considers his clients, vendors and colleagues to all be true partners. He remains close to the work, understands the cultural nuances of each opportunity and undoubtedly leaves his mark on every project with which he is involved.